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Pre-purchase Building Inspections

HOUSEwise specializes in pre-purchase building inspections for structural defects in buildings.

at HOUSEwise we...

  • are completely independent of vendors and also of any product/service on-selling,
  • are very well experienced, licensed, and credentialled,
  • are reliable,
  • use proprietary systems to ensure maximum completeness and efficiency (within the constraints of the pre-purchase environment),
  • offer different levels of inspection and reporting designed to suit your needs, (see Pre-purchase Inspection Fee Schedule)
  • can take the burden from you by overseeing the process from initial inquiry (routinely dealing with real-estate agents and/or vendors to organize access) through ’til when you are satisfied that you understand not only what structural defects have been discovered but also how they could impact on you,
  • summarize the report information to you on site in clear, plain English,
  • fully support our report information by being available to field telephone (or e-mail) questions subsequent to the report presentation and, for certain levels, by providing a free, ongoing, telephone information service while you are the owner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find more detail to specific issues in the following ‘frequently asked questions’:

What checks will be included in the inspection?

The issues addressed by our inspections will depend upon which of three levels you choose. [pricelist link] The lower (‘incomplete’) inspection addresses only those matters which you select. The remaining two (‘summary’ and ‘full-detail’) inspections systematically examine all readily accessible elements for structural faults.

We routinely include structural movement and wall breaking, (rising) salt damp, site drainage, general plumbing and electrical wiring, roof-space, safety issues and we include a visual termite inspection, and we could also include a visual asbestos assessment.

Do you include a termite check?

Yes, a visual termite inspection is included as standard with each of our upper two levels (‘summary’ and ‘full-detail’), and would be included with our lower (‘incomplete’) inspection if it had been  specifically selected by you.

Because, for pre-purchase the inspector does not have the right to damage the owner’s property, we look for evidence of infestation or damage in each structural element that we are reasonably able to view using various non-invasive testing techniques.

A visual inspection is limited to readily accessible parts of the interior and exterior of the building.

Sub-floor areas are not normally accessible without damaging the property and, as such, are excluded.  In the event that access is available and you want the inspector to include that area in his report, an additional fee, necessarily quoted on-site, would apply.

When should I have my inspection?

You should ensure that you have a thorough building inspection and report before you finally commit to a contract to buy.

Under normal circumstances, in South Australia, that commitment commences at the conclusion of your statutory two day (timed from the serving of your ‘Form 1’) cooling off period by the end of which time we recommend you conduct your inspection and receive your report. 

In fact, as soon as your offer has been accepted, we recommend that you call 0413 27 2020, between 08:30 and 17:30 to discuss availability (or outside those hours to leave a message) and secure an appointment.

How quickly can I have my report?

Your report can be presented and explained to you on site at the conclusion of your inspection.

Will the inspector explain the main report issues to me?

Yes, when presenting report information in person, on site, or by telephone, the inspector will demonstrate how to read the report, summarise the critical issues, and answer your questions.

Can you advise about costs for repairs and structural alterations?

Our inspectors have a wide experience and are able to provide a guide to costs when provided with your alternatives.

An accurate quote could only be provided by a builder when the purchaser has finalised construction details.

How much will I pay for my report?

We offer 3 levels of inspection and report designed to satisfy a range of purchaser requirements and the fee varies depending on the level of detail you require.

Pre-purchase Inspection - Fees

How do I obtain a quote and arrange an inspection?

For an obligation free quote, please contact our inquiry line on 08 8346 2020 or 0413 27 2020, between 08:30 and 1730 to discuss availability (or outside those hours to leave a message) and secure an appointment.

Where available we view a copy of the floor plan, explain options, and present a firm quote. We can also arrange access, on your behalf,  with the agent or property owner.

How and when do I pay for my report?

If paying by electronic funds transfer, payment and receipt for payment, are required prior to the inspection.

If paying by cheque, cash or money order, payment is required at the conclusion of the inspection (usually on site).

Sorry, we cannot accept payment by any form of card.

Do you service outlying suburbs?

Yes, and we can also service country regions.

A surcharge for travel time applies for sites over 35 kilometres from our office (a little west of the g.p.o.) with a firm price determined during the quoting process.

Do you check appliances?

No, the testing of appliances is excluded from our reports. 

We encourage you to ask for a demonstration of their functionality from the agent or owner prior to purchase.

Who is the Inspector?

Our primary inspector is Kym Buckley. He is a licensed builder and a registered building works supervisor, with building experience from 1978 and building inspection experience continuous from 1991.

He was a member of the Housing Industry Association from 1990 'til 2014, a member of the Timber Development Association from 2001 until its dissolution in 2009, and a member (and past president) of the Association of Building Consultants from 1998 'til 2016.

Will the inspector be available if I have further questions?

Yes, at all levels, questions at the presentation of your report will be addressed and subsequent questions can be attended to by phone or e-mail, to help you with your purchase decision. 

In the event that you buy the property, our top level, ‘full detail’, report will allow you access to the inspector, by phone or e-mail, at no extra charge while you are the owner of that property for general support.

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